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Vinyl, heat transfer, screen printing, sublimation, and DTG

Jemtex USA uses the latest printing technologies to get your ideas printed for business promotion purposes. We use vinyl printing to create graphic T-shirts. This type of printing comes in multiple colors and textures. Hence, we can create various types of designs such as glitter, glow in the dark, etc., to make your products unique.

We use heat transfer printing to transfer an image that is created in wax to any object that you want. It can be promotional products or even garments. Again, if you need to print posters, bold canvases, or artworks, we can use screen printing. We also use this method to print on textiles. We also use sublimation to transfer designs with the help of ink and heat into any object including fabric. If required, we also use direct-to-garment or DTG printing to print textiles or other products as per your business needs.


We also provide commercial embroidery services to businesses. We provide data concerning stitching order, specific designs, and other functions to a computer. It further instructs the embroidery machine on how to conduct each function flawlessly.
Any business that wants to create a brand identity on garments can opt for commercial embroidery services. You will notice a wide range of examples in the form of work uniform, club or team wear, baseball-style caps with business logos, etc. The idea is very popular among local retail stores, bowling alleys, school teams, club members, etc. Irrespective of the nature or size of your business, you can create embroidered items for your employees, members, and customers.


Plaques, trophies, medals

We also use different technologies in printing on trophies, plaques, and medals. Digital printing on gold/silver foil sheets is an economical way to print awards, trophies, and medals. We also use screen printing to print trophies made from wood, acrylic, crystals, etc. We use laser machines to engrave directly on the products.
If you are organizing any corporate event or want to reward your employees for their hard work, we can print trophies as per your needs. Businesses sometimes award their employees to mark an achievement, etc. Irrespective of your business purpose, we can print medals, awards, trophies, etc., as per your business needs.

Promotional Products

Mugs, Travel Mugs, flyers, business cards

We also print a wide range of promotional products for your business. In this regard as well, we use various printing technologies. It can be direct screen mug printing, litho printing, or other forms of digital printing.
Whether your business is new or old, you need business cards, flyers, etc., to promote your business. You may also want to print t-shirts, pens, tumblers, key chains, dairy, caps, etc., with your business logo on them. Leave the job to the experts at Jemtex USA. Share your business needs, and we would print on the products accordingly. We are dedicated to helping businesses customizing their products with the help of digital prints. It can help in promoting your business to a great extent.